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( Jun. 6th, 2017 01:57 am)
Question for the (616-fan) masses:

When a bullet/knife/rock/other weapon hits Steve’s shield (or any other vibranium object), what does it sound like? Does vibranium vibrate with a pure musical note like a tuning fork? Does it make a weirdly muffled, dead/flat “clunk” sound because all the energy of the impact is retained by the deflected bullet and none is transferred to the shield which therefore barely vibrates? Does Wakandan vibranium do one and Antartic vibranium the other? The traditional “shield hits something” impact sound in Gold/Silver Age comics is “CLANG” except for that one memorable panel when it was “WANK”, but what kind of/how musical a clang?

Obviously Tony can recognize the distinctive sound of a bullet hitting vibranium, but what *is* that sound?

I can’t believe that after a full decade’s worth of writing Steve/Tony fic, this vital question is only occurring to me now…
"You can tell it's a good Iron Man comic if Tony is naked and crying, possibly in the rain, because he thinks none of his friends love him." - Sineala

Other Signs of a good Iron Man comic )
… is Rick Remender’s theme song, sung to the tune of the Monitor Lizard’s “I’m gonna eat somebody” song from Fern Gully

I’ve had no access to the internet since going home for Thanksgiving on the 27th. I do not know who Remender killed last Wednesday, and I’m afraid to find out.

I hope it was one of the X-men characters, because they tend to come back from the dead faster and more often. (Maybe it was Rogue, but it will turn out that it was actually Mystique-disguised-as-Rogue and that’s why Remender’s Rogue was always vaguely OOC, and also that Mystique didn’t just fake being Rogue but also faked her death for ‘reasons’ and is really still alive. Preferably ‘reasons’ involving one of her periodic horribly failtastic attempts to actually be some kind of parental figure to Rogue - I love it when Mystique tries to be Rogue’s mom and ends up just being utterly creepy and invasive and horrible but in a totally well-meaning way.)
Recently, via [community profile] metanews, I read an article which was about one-third correct and two-third completely wrongwrongwrong (bearing in mind that my definition of "wrongwrongwrong" and others' definition of same may vary):

How Superheroes Girlfriends Burned Me Out On Love Stories

The gist of the relevant part of the article for those who don't want to click links: Pepper Potts's role in the third Iron Man movie consists solely of providing emotional support to Tony Stark, making her yet another example of fictional women who exist only to serve as rewards for/aid in the self-actualization of fictional men.

If anything, the Tony/Pepper relationship IM3 struck me as pretty much the exact opposite of that description )

*Which is much better than what struck me about their relationship in IM2, which was "Why the hell does Pepper want a relationship with Tony after he's spent the entire movie being, from her perspective, a total dick," but the first rule of Iron Man movie fandom is that we do not talk about IM2.
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( May. 9th, 2013 02:17 pm)
I was seriously worried that it would be dreadful (Iron Man 2 was a big step down from Iron Man 1, and if #3 had continued the trend and been a step down from 2... yeah), and when I went into the theater and saw the large, annoying poster of a hysterical Pepper clinging to Tony-in-the-armor, I almost turned right back around and went back out again.

But luckily, I didn't. The poster lied, no such "hysterical woman clings to her brave savior" scene is in the movie, and it was actually really good.

The feel of the whole thing reminded me a lot of 70s/Bronze Age Marvel. All it lacked was the classic 70s Iron Man "Tony inexplicably strips his clothes off in front of Rhodey for no reason" scene.*

*My theory is that Tony at that point in the comics was continually trying to seduce an apparently oblivious Rhodey.
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( May. 11th, 2012 10:35 pm)
Is awesome. More squee behind spoiler cut.

Seanchai and I went out to see it with grey_bard and franzeska (who turned out to be AO3 franzeska) and mosellegreen and, ah, someone else who's name I don't remember, and after forging our way through the insane lines in the theater last Saturday, finally got to see it.

Click for squee )
So, in the past month, we've moved almost completely into the new apartment (there are still some boxes that need to be put away) and continued to fail at keeping up with fandom or, you know, answering reviews or posting fic in anything remotely like a schedule. We'll see if we manage to complete the big bang without defaulting. At the moment, it's a toss up between whether we'll even manage to start on "dieselpunk Avengers WWII AU fic where they fight Nazi zombies/mummies/cave trolls/something appropriately Golden-Age-y and teenage!Bucky crushes on Natasha" fic by the deadline, or will just give up and go with the Living Armor fic we already have outlined but will still probably not finish in time. WWII AU plotbunny currently has a whole backstory where Jan is half Chinese and she and Hank are hanging out in Shanghai with Clint The Former River-rine who was kicked out of the marines over something embarrassing that he won't discuss and Natasha the supposed White Russian exile who is actually a Soviet intelligence agent in Shanghai to spy on the Japanese that will require far too much research and that currently has no real connection with the Steve and Bucky and Tony side of the story other than "wouldn't it be awesome if..."

If we kick this idea around much longer, Rhodey is going to end up a Flying Tiger, and Gene!Mandarin from Armored Adventures will also show up somehow. And then we'll run smack into the problem of "WWII on the Pacific front is pretty much the complete opposite of pulpy Dieselpunk fun where Steve and Tony fight Nazi trolls. And these two story halves still have nothing to do with one another."

We saw Thor with grey_bard, onlybythenight, et al. I really liked what they did with the sci-fi-ish version of Asgard and Birfrost, and the Warriors Three + Sif were perfect (the moment where Thor, Jan, and co. turn to see them standing outside the window waving was possibly my favorite in the whole movie). The final battle at the end, with the electricity/ice combo looking like a gigantic tree, was really nicely done, and... okay, really my impression of the whole thing is mostly Warriors Three & Sif squee, plus the fact that Thor was adorkable and Darcy is awesome, and now I'm thrown every time Heimdall shows up in Earth's Mightiest Heroes and isn't Idris Elba. Also, Cosmic Cube!

RL family stuff will follow in a separate post, to spare those of y'all who don't want to look at pictures of military aircraft or read squee about the same.
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( Apr. 10th, 2011 11:34 pm)
Well, icon bases, really. All cropped from the recent bunch of New Avengers variant covers. Sadly, none of them featured Carol and Wanda standing/flying conveniently close together, so the only shippy ones are Carol/Jessica Drew and one Jessica Jones/Luke.

Oh my God, they have the 80s/90s-tastic Avengers ID card thingies that look like credit cards! That is so awesome that it almost makes up for Tony's eyes being the wrong color (it's just incredibly jarring every time, gah. Also, his voice actor sounds like a fourteen-year-old). And the Enchantress and the Executioner looked perfect. And Thor and AI!Jarvis bonded ^_^.

I love this cartoon so much.
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( Oct. 12th, 2010 09:00 pm)
I missed National Coming Out Day yesterday, but I'm pretty sure most people reading my journal already know that I'm dating a sockpuppet that I'm bi.

Am I the only one out there who feels the paranoid need to qualify "bi" with "but I'm dating/married to/etc. a person of the same gender" in fandom discussions lest people decide that I fail to meet their standard for sufficient queerness and dismiss me as a poser? Or is occasionally tempted to lie and say they're lesbian/gay instead of bi, because then people would be less likely to assume you're lying?

The weird thing is that, IRL, I feel awkward about correcting people's "so, when did you realize you were a lesbian" etc. statements with "actually, I'm bi, not a lesbian," because I'm afraid it will sound like I'm backpeddling ("But I like boys, too! Really!"), but it never occurs to me that saying it will cause anyone to think I'm secretly straight.

Click for comicon babbling )
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( Sep. 18th, 2010 08:41 pm)
So, for some reason, a bunch of people on twitter are drawing various Marvel characters as cats.

Including this adorable picture of the Classic Avengers as kitty cats.

There's also a really awesome one of Luke Cage, but I stupidly didn't save the link.
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( Mar. 6th, 2010 06:50 pm)
For some reason, paragraph spacing on Tales of Suspense has died a strange and mysterious death -- but only on some pages and some stories. [personal profile] seanchai, being the one of us who actually understands these things, is looking into it.

Also, there were like twelve fics/fic chapters awaiting verification, which made me feel really bad (for going so long without checking - gah, I don't even want to think about how long those poor people had to wait for their fic to go up). All subimissions are verified now, as are the authors who sent them (verification, FYI, is basically a rubber stamp to keep out spambots. There are no SPaG, formatting, or subjective quality requirements for a story to be posted as there are on some other moderated sites, because that would mean we actually had to *read* every story and then pass potentially wanky judgment on it before clicking "yes, let it be posted" rather than just checking that it is in fact a story and not some kind of weird advertisement thing).
I will never forgive you for fridging Jan, Marvel. Never. And dangling panels like this

("I love you, too, Hank") in front of me will not help. Because I am strong, and see only the Clint/Hank/Jan threesome you are denying me and not angsty grief-driven Clint/Hank h/c sex. Really. Even if it is the only slash ship I've ever been able to imagine either of them in.

Also, Hank, Jan better come back to life and resume designing your costumes for you *soon*. The things you wear when she's not there to select your clothing for you are awful. Especially when they're based on some of her old, uglier outfits.
Title: Backwards and in High Heels
authors: elspethdixon & seanchai
Gift For: [profile] lupus_dragon
Rating: G to PG
Pairings/Characters: Carol, Wanda, assorted other Avengers in the background.
Labels/Warnings: All fluff, no plot.

A/N: Set at an indeterminate point in late Volume 3, post when the chaos entity possesses Wanda but pre-Red Zone.
Written for the [profile] chamberofschills prompt "Avengers; fluff; femslash Carol/Wanda: Carol hates magic, even her teammate's magic. However, even she has to admit that magic can come in handy sometimes. Real witches, magic spells, and Carol admitting her feelings for Wanda."
Summary: Carol and Wanda dance at the Avengers Halloween party. There, um, aren’t actually any witches or spells, really, but there is admitting of feelings.

(Backwards and in High Heels)
For [personal profile] kijikun, with hugs to her kitty.

Title: none
Author: Elspethdixon
Fandom: 616!Marvel
Pairing: Technically canon pairings/gen. Think of it as Pepper/Strange pre-het (or Strange/Wong pre-slash. Or both)

Strange & Pepper are rescuing Wong and Tony from another dimension, which they were kidnapped to by, um, plot devices. Somehow. )


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