Ah, Peter, how I love you. How I love my new comic that depicts you in a smackdown match with Tony Stark. I will pull it out and reread it whenever I am sad and depressed.

Also, my love for Rogue, Cannonball, Mystique, et al as the X-Men's team-of-ghetto-ness continues to grow, as does my desire to see people write Cannonball/Iceman.

(In other words--discovered local comicbook store and spent about a half-hour there as therapy after a finals-stress-induced panic attack. Bought latest Spiderman & X-Men. Manfully resisted buying every issue of Nextwave they had on hand--will save that for when I sell m textbooks back and have extra cash).
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( Sep. 25th, 2006 09:06 pm)
Cable was in this issue! And he threatened people and lied to Sabertooth. Deadpool would have been so proud.

Also, Bobby Drake in ice-form can apparently be vaporised and re-condense back into himself. A messed-up and dehydrated version of himself, but hey, if post-vaporisation Bobby hadn't been all wobbly, shirtless!Canonball couldn't have draped an arm around his waist and offered completely non-slashy, I'm sure support.

Hank thinks this newly demonstrated ability is the coolest thing ever, and wants to know how it works and if Bobby can do it on command.

Also, Rogue made snide comments about Emma's hair. I love my new, ghetto X-Team. (Except for the part where Remy still hasn't come back. Come back, Remy!).
Alas, the newest issue of X-Men does not contain shirtless!Gambit. It does, however, contain yet more gratuitous Remy abuse at the hands of Sinister Apocalypse. Oh Remy, why do you persist in volunteering to be the lab rat of Evil? It never works out well.

That said, I'm loving Rogue's new possessive streak, and Mystique continues to be the worst parent ever, in spite of her new sorta-noble intentions. I'm also beginning to feel affection for Alex (Havok) Summers, possible because some of Polaris's cool is rubbing off on him along with the plague germs.

Others on lj have intimated that there is some sort of additional X-Men related material available in movie theaters this month, but I persist in my refusal to acknowledge it as anything to do with canon, or, indeed, with me (the ooc-ness of Rogue and Storm apparently gets even worse this time around, with a side of Mystique character rape). My worries about Marvel: Civil War becoming Marvel's version of Infinite Crisis have been partly assuaged, though. Clearly, X-3 is Marvel's Infinite Crisis.
I decided some weeks ago that I needed to erect a small-yet-tasteful shrine to Salvador Larroca in the corner of my room, and give thanks before it every time a new issue of X-men came out (“Thank you, oh Mister Larroca, for once again contriving to draw Gambit shirtless. Thank you for Rogue, for Polaris’s hair, for Mystique, and for Emma Frost’s costume or, rather, near-total lack there-of. Thank you for randomly making Gambit look like a drow, and for suddenly giving him anime-bishounen hair down to his butt for no logical reason. Verily, you continue to bring the mutant crack to the yard.”).

It has now become evident that I must add to my list of thanksgivings the most important reason of all: “Thank you for not being Frank Quitely.”

Dear God, why did DC and/or Wildstorm let the man draw so many issues of The Authority? Or anything else? He flat-out can’t draw the human form. Backgrounds, yeah, mechanical stuff, sure, but all his people are badly proportioned and distorted-looking. I literally find looking at things he’s drawn painful, to the point that I find my eyes skipping over the people and focusing only on the speech bubbles. And I’ve got years of comic book reading under my belt, as well as vivid memories of the early nineties, when Rob Liefeld drew for Marvel and made every character a freakishly muscle-bound body-builder with extraneous belt pouches. I never thought I’d be nostalgic for his art style, but at least he gave everybody distinctive facial features. Too bad Jim Lee left Wildstorm instead of sticking around to draw those issues instead. We could have had bright, bright colors and out-of-control hair that blew in the wind in a dynamic way. And swoopy speed-lines every time people flew.

The metaphorical ‘corner of my room’ is going to get damned crowded, as I’m going to have to add small-yet-tasteful shrines to Warren Ellis and to the writers of the Justice League cartoon beside my miniature alters to Neill Gaimon and Barbara Hambly. Perhaps I can just hang some icons.

Starting with one of Jenny Sparks.
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( Apr. 18th, 2006 03:18 pm)
Salvador Larroca continues in his quest to draw Shirtless!Gambit as many times as is humanly possible )

I am still disappointed, however, that this whole "Civil War" storyline thing of Marvel's isn't an AU series along the lines of "1602," that sticks everybody back during the real Civil War. Because the only thing hotter than Scott and Bishop in Union blue would be Gambit in a Confederate officer's uniform. Peter Parker could be an old-school photographer, along the lines of Matthew Brady, Reed Richards could be a vaguely Edison-like Victorian mad scientist, and Magneto would kick John Brown's ass when it comes to being a rabble-rousing zealot.


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