I originally typed all this ridiculously long meta in response to a post I was reblogging on tumblr, but then in retrospect going on and on in someone else’s reblog thread seemed kind of obnoxious, so here are My Thoughts On Yaoi OTPs as a stand-alone.

I’ve had OTPs since I first joined fandom nine years ago. I suspect I always will. It’s a part of how I am fannish, as integral to the way I interact with characters and source texts as my hurt/comfort kink (back when I was nine, I had the pages in Sword of Shanara where people got hurt memorized, and could tell you whether a given scene was printed on the left-hand page or the right). The OTPing goes back almost as far, too — I OTPed Gambit/Rogue back when I was a wee eleven-year-old who didn’t know fanfiction existed.

When I have an OTP, a true, hardcore, honest OTP rather than just a ship I like a lot, I ship only that pairing for those characters, to the exclusion of all others. OTP technically stands for “One True Pairing,” and for me, in the handful of cases where I have one, that’s pretty much literally what it is. “ I don’t always OTP when I ship - sometimes I just like the idea of a relationship between A/B and/or find A/B’s relationship interesting, something that’s sometimes accompanied by wanting to read or write fic for the pairing, and sometimes not. When I do OTP, though, A/B is a permanent, immutable part of my headcanon, something that is not up for negotiation. Character A and Character B love each other. Forever and ever, world without end, amen. I might be able to read gen about them, or other ship fic that doesn’t negate the OTP, like A/B/C threesome fic, or fic about C and D’s epic love where A and B are minor background characters and we never hear anything about their love lives/sex lives at all, but fic that negates A/B (either by stressing repeatedly how they’re just platonic friends, or by having them in love with other people) is a major DO NOT WANT.

And now, because I’ve typed up half-finished meta posts about this every time a discussion of OTPs vs. multishipping has gone around for the past five years, I’m going to share my unified field theory of OTPing.

(Yes, I know; you’re all super eager to read it)

Elspethdixon's Thoughts On Yaoi - I mean, on OTPs )
There is an official at the NYC Department of Buildings whose last name is Nimrod.

No, seriously, Nimrod, spelled just like that.

And they work for the DOB.

This is even better than filing purchase orders for JohnKat Windows and Doors (I don't even ship John/Karkat, but it amuses me every time) or getting emails from real estate agent Jessica Jones, because for once everyone else in the office is also snickering.
Why does Word's spellcheck think that "Newtons" is not a word? It's a scientific unit of measurement, and not exactly a super obscure one.
Because I've been considering doing this, and talking about it, and I need to just stop being afraid and post it. I'll just pre-emptively tag this with "they should have left me in the ice," shall I?

If the mods at linkspam get ahold of this and feel that it's derailing, I ask that it NOT BE LINKED IN THAT CASE because that would only enhance any derailing effect.

Currently, everyone's discussing the ever-widening definition-creep of derailing, and before that, they/we were all talking about misogyny in slash. Unless we consider "slashers: there's something wrong with them" to be the general point of the discussion, with detours into "bisexual slashers: they're all liars, and even if they aren't their sexuality doesn't matter, and if they try to say it does, that's derailing," we've drifted away from the original topic of "slash and m/m romance: some of it has harmful stereotypes in it."

Since I don't think I can contribute in any meaningful way to the derailing debate, and since I've read at least three rounds of "slasher misogyny" debates over the past nine years, I'd like to get back to the original topic for a while.

Some fiction has homophobic or heterosexist stereotypes in it.

And I'd like to discuss what those can be/are, and if there are any books we feel are particularly good or bad at avoiding them )

*I'd like to limit this to published books, because the conversation began with criticisms specific to the m/m publishing industry and their depiction of gay and bisexual men. I think that fanfiction and slash are a different conversation that it would also be useful to have, but I'd prefer to let someone else host that.

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The identity policing! It begins!

I know people are angry, and I know that when I'm angry, for example, I don't want to listen to counter-arguments or people telling me to be reasonable or anything like that, because I can't process logical arguments or criticism when I'm in emotion-overload brain-shortcircuiting territory. On the other hand, that's also probably one of my greatest flaws as a person, so. This post. I don't want to tell people not to be angry, not to disagree, not to be disgusted and enraged by what other people are saying, but I do want to point out this:

Just because someone disagrees with the Lambda Literary Awards new rules does not automatically mean they are straight.

My thoughts on (awards for) yaoi )

Either way, the charge that only straight people oppose this change because it threatens their straight priviledge is a misleading assumption. Some straight people do oppose it, and some of them may very well do so because their privielege is threatened, but I've seen several other LGBT fans speak up in connection to this, and their/our opinion is not a monolith. Some people are every much for it and are offended or angered or irritated by the criticisms of it, and some are very much against it.

TL;DR: Think the Lambda Literary Foundation deciding that their goal is to promote LGBT authors rather than LGBT fiction in general is perfectly fine, have no problem with the new rules, but do have a problem with people declaring that people on the other side of the debate are displaying their straight priviledge if said people are, in fact, not straight. Say they're wrong all you want, but don't say they're straight or coming from a place of priviledged heterosexual entitlement if they're actually bi/lesbian/gay/genderqueer.

edit: Why did I read all the way through the discussion thread at Dear Author on this? Why? Because as annoying as "you aren't gay *enough*" or "I shall just assume you're straight because I disagree with you" is, people announcing that restricting the Lambda awards to LGBT authors only is "just like segregation" is approximately 1000x more annoying. Seriously, I'm *white* and it makes me want to punch people through the computer screen. Why isn't there a "make someone shut up and get off the internet" button on QWERTY keyboards? It could be F13, the STFU key.
Somebody's already claimed the Snow Queen on the cap_ironman fairytale drabble post, but since I got the plotbunny and wrote the outline a year ago and wrote the first two segments this morning before I realized that we were supposed to sign up for things, I'm posting it anyway. But here, instead of on the comm. I'll link if she says I can share the prompt.

Edit: Since not everyone's as familiar with the original text of the Snow Queen as I had blythely assumed, a belated heads up that some of this is paraphrased from Hans Christian Andersen's original, and several lines are direct quotations.

Story the first: A Mirror of Steel )

Story the second: A Soldier & a Smith )

Story the Third: At the Library of the Young Woman Who Understood Witchcraft
This was originally part of a different, rantier "why claiming that slashing close friends demeans their friendship disturbs me" post that I have yet to make, but it just kept getting longer and longer and didn't really seem to fit there, and then it sat on my hard drive for most of the summer and fall, unposted, because it was triggered by a specific other fan's comments on a discussion post on the lj of someone who was/is, if not a central participant in my primary (and small) fandom, at least a recognizable name on the edges of it, and I didn't want to start wank. But then I saw this post making statements very similar to X fan whom I shall not name, but this time about the entire gay rights movement,* and I decided that maybe I ought to post it after all.

Why slashers in specific and gay/lesbian/bisexual people in general are not, in fact, to blame for making the media less comfortable with depicting close friendships between men via threatening straight guys' precious, precious masculinity )

* And, off topic, can I say that this is a not a pov on the usefulness of protest/confrontation/calling people on their x-ist bullshit I had expected to see in fandom, where it seems to be generally agreed that the way to deal with people who do bigoted things like use "spicy curry" lj tags to refer to Indian politicians or think "miscegenation" = bestiality = a good prompt for a kink challenge (not saying those are the same as voting yes on Prop 8, just that all of the above are indications of bigotry) is to confront the person responsible and demand an apology & retraction, with the understanding that a degree of righteous anger is fully justified, and that the "tone" argument is fallacious.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2007 07:19 pm)
Two exam questions down, three to go, so have some pointless cuteness with mini!Tony. Brainsorming credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] seanchai

First crushes can be so cute... when they don't grow up to be sociopathic business tycoons who want to kill you )
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( Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:58 pm)
So, by 11:00 am tomorrow, I must have my Information Technology exam finished. Current status: 1/4 of a question down, 4 and 3/4s to go.

It's 35% percent of my grade, so I will get it done by dawn tomorrow (though, [livejournal.com profile] seanchai, this probably means I'll spend all night in the campus computer lab).

Then I can move on to the really important thing, getting the first segment of sugary-fluffy-wish-fulfillment Resurrection fic posted for Steve's birthday tomorrow.


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