About ace!Enjolras…

I get why so many fans are invested in the idea of Enjolras being asexual/aromantic. While I somewhat doubt that Hugo intended that “his mistress is ‘patria’” line to be an indicator of asexuality/aromanticism in the way that some of the Classical allusions Hugo makes in reference to Grantaire are most likely meant indicate homosexuality, simply because the Victorians didn’t have a concept of aromantic aces in the same way that they did “Greek Love,” I also somewhat doubt that Tolkien actually intended Legolas and Gimli to get gay-married at the end of LotR, but will nevertheless argue until my dying breath that they totally, totally do and that said marriage is 100% supported-by-text canon whether Tolkien did it on purpose or not, so, you know, each to his own.

The thing I do wonder, however, is this: Why is Enjolras the only character fannish consensus has chosen to make asexual/aromantic? Why don't the middle-aged French virgins get any of the lack-of-love? )


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