For [ profile] azarias. Happy birthday. Here's some near-death experience, courtesy of the Authority.

Friendly Fire: Part 6/?

The Authority belong to internet Jesus Warren Ellis and Wildstorm comics. I am merely borrowing them without permission.

//...// indicates communication via nanite-telepathy.

For those who have forgotten about this fic totally during my months-long hiatus from it:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

And behind the cut-tag:
Part Six )
Friendly Fire, part 5/?

The Authority belongs to Warren Ellis and Wildstorm comics. No profit is being made off this unauthorized fic, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Warnings: Cussing. Lots of passive voice.

Wherein Jenny’s lack of forethought is exceeded only by Midnighter’s recklessness, or A Plan This Bad Could Only Have Been Generated by Committee )

On to Part Six
Friendly Fire, part 4/?

The Authority belong to internet JesusWarren Ellis and Wildstorm comics. I am merely borrowing them without permission.

//...// indicates communication via nanite-telepathy.

It was four a.m., a plague of evil nanites was eating the ship, and everybody was having sex but Jenny Sparks )

Argh! Way too many people in this scene. And I’m not sure I’ve got Jenny’s voice down yet.

On to Part Five
Friendly Fire, part 3/?
Featuring an over-the-top amount of evil!nanite contents. Possibly as much evil!nanite pov as there is regular fic. The Nanite Sues are taking over!

If the Authority could pay less attention to their angst and their hormones, maybe they'd notice the evil nanites eating their spaceship. Or they could just wait until the last minute, like a Star Trek episode )
If this were the real world, my Authority fic would, it turns out, end in death.

Apparently, you can’t actually jumpstart someone’s heart like a car battery. In “cases of severe trauma, such as eletrocution, cold water drowning, or adverse drug reaction,” when someone has flatlined, you have to administer Epinephrine and Atropine and do CPR. And even then it probably won’t work. But “disorganized electrical activity” can also cause ventricular fibrillation, which seems like no pulse and can be zapped back to normal. Sometimes. Under controlled conditions. And I’m betting they like to administer adrenaline then, too (I seem to vaguely recall this from my ER-watching days).

So, in addition to Doctor ex machnina, there’s going to be bad, bad, handwavey medical science. Hey, Jenny’s magic. She can jumpstart people if I say she can.

Also, electromagnetic pulses don’t just knock computers offline for a bit. They fry circuitry dead, as in, by-by hard drive, never coming back. Most of the time. Maybe. EMP weapons are apparently classified. And I’m not asking the E2C-Hawkeye pilot who’s coming in to rent the Piper Arrow this afternoon about them, because then I’d have to explain why I want to know statistics on electronic warfare. And any explanation beginning with, “See, there are these evil nanites…” can only go downhill from there.

Anyway, in handwavey comicbook-science verse, EMP weapons don’t permanently damage computer circuits, because… because Bendix puts lots of failsafes in? And was an evil genius and therefore magic? And because Magic!Jenny can jumpstart computers, too. shut up, no, she can, cause cybernetics so works that way if I want it to

It’s a shame Jeroen can’t be in two places at once to work his Doctor ex machina for me. But then I wouldn't be able to stick in the screaming-argument-over-who's-fault-it-was bit, and the tasteless Frankenstein comment.
For [ profile] azarias, who sent me Sharpe/Harper goodies.
Terminal amounts of fluff await behind the lj cut (also evil nanites, but mostly fluff).

Friendly Fire, part 2/?
Wherein the nanites, deprived of their nanite brethren, must decide what to do next )
I know nothing about gin beyond the fact that I loathe it. So I looked it up on google to find a brand that was supposed to be good (whatever "good" means when it comes to a substance that tastes like jet fuel and pain).

The /00110111/ are named after Seven of Nine.

Friendly Fire, part 1/?
The Authority belong to Warren Ellis and Wildstorm comics.

Wherein the evil nanites make their first appearance, but nanite!porn, sadly, does not, the author having wussed out at the last moment )

On to Part Two


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