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( Apr. 28th, 2006 01:33 pm)
Has anybody (other than me, in that one rant) ever done any meta on Firefly as Space Western, or Mal and his crew as a futuristic Jesse James/Robin Hood parallel (well, they’re much closer to the Younger gang and co. than Robin Hood, but you could make a case for Book as Friar Tuck on the basis of both being vaguely connected to religion), or Browncoats as Confederate analogs, or, you know, any meta at all about anything other than Inara’s occupation or the lack of Asian characters? (yes, I know some’s been done about River, but mostly it’s Inara-the-Companion and Not-enough-diversity).

Or was I the only Old West fangirl who ever watched that show?

And now for something completely different…


Because I'm a military history fangirl as well )
I really ought to beposting about my week at VA beach (I swear said post will come), but I've decided to rant/lecture instead. Hey, people are probably getting tired of the distinctly non-fannish journal content of late anyway.

I recently read a post on metafandom wherein a lukewarm Firefly fan lays out all of her reasons for not liking Firefly, starting off with the brown filters and ending up with the fact that (in her view, at least), Mal and company have no real goals or defined character arcs, and come off as bullies and criminals much of the time. And she doesn't like the dialogue.

wherein Elspeth babbles at length about Firefly, Westerns, and the Civil War )

*sigh* And I've now outed myself as a Civil War buff. A Southern Civil War buff. Wank and fannish censure from more culturally sensitive fans is surely headed my way. It could be worse. I could be telling y'all I voted for Bush.


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