*sighs* Seeing as it's been nearly a year since it first got screwed up, I suppose I need to finally accept that my osteo-arthritis/worn-away-cartilage knee isn't going to get any better and running is off the table for pretty much the rest of forever. 32 is supposed to be too young to have these kinds of knee problems - I only did 15 years worth of running, and not even serious running at that, rarely more than 3 miles/5k at a time, and usually at only about 6mph. (I probably shouldn't complain - seanchai's ankle has been screwed up for her entire life, and my sister can't eat anything with gluten or dairy in it, so I got off lightly when it comes to health issues)
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Just because other people also have difficulties doesn't make yours any less significant or upsetting. Especially when what you're going through is effectively a grieving process! Give yourself the time to work through it.

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I'm very sorry for bothering you, but I've written you a letter and never got a reply, so... I would loike to use this chance. :)
May be you remember, I asked for your permission to translate in Russian your story "Thaw..." Thanks a lot, that you allowed it, I'm going to post the translation on our fandom fest in winter.
Buuut I wanted to ask you to let me translate and another story: "The roughest Day". It was one of the first I've read in this fandom, it means for me a lot. :) It'll be a great pleasure to work with it. :)


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