Sometimes I wonder why I stay in fandom when nearly everything I like and enjoy is something good fans are supposed to sneer at and hate.

Then I remind myself to read this article again.

Never has tumblr (or the past 5+ years of LJ/DW fandom) been so perfectly summed up in a hundred words.
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Someone will always find everything wrong. Don't let it get you down, peoe love your fic! That's a really good sign that not everyone (or even most fans) disagree with you.
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Ah yes, the latest form of "Why aren't you writing what I want to read? I mean the morally correct thing, riiight"

Don't let it get you down, it wouldn't happen if slash weren't huge. In that case they'd be yelling at each other for their het pairings being wrong. Tumblr savior the hell out of it, I suggest.

Maybe we should start a monthly NYC slasher meetup? With a no pairing bashing rule.


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