Signs you've been in fandom too long (or possibly that you use too many cutesy nicknames for your pets): You get an email from the vet about your cats and stare at the subject line for a long moment trying to figure out why the vet wants to talk about your OTP... until belatedly remembering that, oh, right, "Steve and Tony" are the cats' names.

Technically, anyway. We've been calling them Stevelet and the Fluffle for so long that those are pretty much their real names.

(Poor Stevelet - he had to get his teeth cleaned and one infected tooth pulled, and when he returned from the vet, the Fluffle spent about 24 hours utterly convinced that his beloved friend had been replaced by a Skrull.

Stevelet: I am HOME! I MISSED you, friend!
Fluffle: No, no, you is Skrull! I growl my tiny ineffectual growl.
Stevelet: Why you not happy for see me? LET ME LOVE YOU!
Fluffle: No, no, there is Skrull in my house. Must run and hide from Skrull.
Stevelet: ???
Fluffle: Okay, MAYBE you is not Skrull. Maybe. I is watching you.
Stevelet: ILU forever let me groom you.
Fluffle: Okay, fine, you is not Skrull. I will tentatively groom you back.
Stevelet: YAY!)


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