We've given the Fluffle the first of his 2-3 yearly baths (the ones we have to give him once a month during shedding season to keep him from twitching out of his skin and keep the Stevelet from coughing up Fluffle-fur hairballs). I feel like a terrible cat abuser and look like I've just finished having some kind of violent kinky sex - there are scratches/welts all over my thighs, breast, and upper back from where he tried to climb my body to get to water-free safety.

Luckily, the Stevelet is a shorthaired cat and doesn't need to be bathed except on those rare occasions when he somehow manages to get himself covered in cleaning fluid/clothing dye/some other toxic fur-staining-or-bleaching substance. (In six years of life, the Fluffle has never felt the impulse to shove both front feet into a bowl of bleach-filled soap-suds. The Stevelet feels this impulse every time one of us scrubs the kitchen counters)
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I'm glad all my cats are very short-haired, even if they do have to have a heating pad to cope with winter! Hope your welts heal soon!


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