My quick-and-dirty finding aid for the one box at [aviation organization]'s archives that I specifically labelled as "Partially arranged and described by [Elspethdixon's real name]" because I knew I hadn't followed the standard format exactly or given enough detail (I had a day and a half in the archive, and spent half that on my own X-15/NF-104 research) and was embarrassed by how unpolished/unprofessional it probably looked* apparently awed my family.

They were all, "It was so detailed!" and "You did that in only two days?" Whereas I was all "I forgot to say how many cubic feet it was! I didn't format the document list correctly for the one folder and set of subfolders I did a document list for!"

Then again, I would be equally clueless when it came to my dad or my sister's jobs. (For example, I know jamming electronic transmissions is an act of war, but I have no idea how you actually do it).

*I haven't arranged and described archival documents since grad school - most of the things I file at work are paid bills, real estate closing documents, or tax stuff, all of which come with ready-made filing systems.


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