I haven't seen the Hal Jordan movie yet, and am trying not to let movie critic reviews influence me. It's unlikely to be as good as Spiderman 1 or 2, or Iron Man 1, but I'm hoping for at least SnicktBub: Origins levels of popcorn-flick watchability. (My dream, of course, was that it would either be DC's "look, we can make fun movies, too! That aren't just about Batman emo-brooding!" answer to Iron Man/Thor/etc., and be well-written and cinematic and a huge hit so that they'd make a sequel with modern-era GLC characters guest-starring and possibly a non-stripperiffic version of Star Sapphire if such a thing's possible, and also the internet would present me with piles of sketchy Sinestro/Hal Jordan fic on a silver platter, or that it would magically have turned into the "Guy & Kyle's intergalactic road trip of comic hijinks" or "John and Shayera's Grant & Hepburn-style space opera-flavored romantic comedy" movie while I wasn't looking).

What I have done is spend the last two weekends first driving somewhere between eleven and twelve consecutive hours in order to move seanchai's sister from Boston back to NYC (seanchai's sister: "The rearview mirror is completely blocked by all the stuff in the back. Can we still drive this on the highway." Me: "Let me tell you about the 1997 Dodge Minivan I drove during grad school. The one that had no rearview mirror and shuddered when you drove faster than 70mph.") and then (this past weekend) putting all the boxes of books we still hadn't unpacked away. All the comics have their own shelves now, and everything's been put away except the Robert Jordan books. But I'm missing my copy of Eric Foner's Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution and the Norton Anthology of English literature, which means there's must still be a box of books sitting in the corner of my dad's hanger. I think it's the box that has my missing copy of the Dr. Strange animated movie in it. Plus the rest of the Terry Pratchett. I'm missing some Terry Pratchett and all of the Lymond Chronicles.
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It's unlikely to be as good as Spiderman 1 or 2, or Iron Man 1...

While it didn't quite measure up to these titles (and hoo boy, they're going to have to come up with one HELL of a superhero movie to bump IM 1 from the top of my personal list), I found it very enjoyable and would put it in my Top 10.

Hope you find that last box of books!


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