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( Jun. 29th, 2017 02:08 pm)
So... I haven't posted here in about, oh, nine months. I could theoretically have had a child in the meantime, if I were able to reproduce via parthenogenesis or if Seanchai and I were living in an A/B/O verse. (I haven't, of course).

My attempts to transition to tumblr over the past year or so have pretty much failed, and while Imzy actually seemed to be working out pretty well for cap_ironman fans, that's gone belly up now, so I'm back here.

Time to start using this account again. Back a decade or so ago, I used to treat LJ/DW as an actual journal. I should start trying to do so again. New goal: post something either in this journal or on a comm at least once a week.
As part of my attempt to resume using DW regularly, I'm going to be crossposting all the posts I've made to tumblr over the past year or so to this journal (only the handful with original content, not the reblogs). I'll be back-dating them, so they shouldn't be spamming anyone's friends/reading page.

From this point on, I will not be cross-posting anything to livejournal. For various reasons involving immediate family members and their choices of career, it's probably not the best idea for me to continue using LJ now that the servers are located in Russia. I already have all the posts I've made on LJ since 2003 backed up on Dreamwidth, and I will probably delete all the posts on my personal LJ soon and leave a placeholder post with a link to DW. I'm reluctant to actually delete my entire LJ account lest it take my cap_ironman and ship_manifesto posts and other posts and comments I've made in discussion comms with it, but from now on I won't be using actively using it anymore.

Not that anyone who still has me friended on LJ is likely to notice, considering how much of a lurker I've been for the past few years ^_~.


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