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R is Grantaire, because his name is pronounced almost the same way that the French words for a capital R are and Hugo really liked terrible puns.

I'd also like to see more "Fantine lives and she and Valjean raise Cosette together as a happy little family" fics. I'm not sure why Valjean/Fantine isn't more popular with Les Mis het writers (they seem to mostly write Eponine/one-of-the-Amis).

changing periods would be okay if it wasn't made modern day and also boring. Like university AUs in Ancient Greece, or coffeeshop AUs in the 1700s, more Jazz Age AUs generally.

+1 I suspect most people who write modern AUs are doing it so they can be lazy/not have to do any research, though, which rules out picking any actually-interesting time periods. So instead of writing a Les Mis AU where the characters are involved in some other revolution or failed revolution (ex: Russia in 1905 and Valjean is a convict who's escaped from the Tsar's prison camps in Siberia, Denmark Vesey's rebellion and Valjean is a mixed-race man passing as white, the Meiji Restoration and Javert is Saito Hajime and Fantine is basically Madame Butterfly, etc.), they just make all of them modern American college students.

Sadly, it seems to have infected Musketeers fandom, too - a number of the longer slashfics are modern AUs. And the non-slashers keep putting off-putting little "no slash/not slash" comments in their fic summaries, which makes me afraid to read them.
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