So, my father's new car is apparently the bridge of the starship Enterprise. My parents called me this weekend from the car using the car's built-in bluetooth technology. Apparently, they just spoke as if they were talking into a speaker phone, and my voice came out of the car's speakers, like Picard talking to another ship's com on the bridge.

It's a Volkswagon Jetta with a diesel engine, which I didn't even know existed, but being diesel means he can use it to pull airplane/glider and motorcycle trailers.

(My initial response to hearing that he'd bought a new car was, "because if there's one thing our family needs, it's another motor vehicle - is it going to go in the hanger with the two airplanes?" but then my mom reminded me that my dad's truck is fifteen years old and has over 500,000 miles on it and he actually does need to replace it)

Apparently, car dealership people pretty much ignore you when you drive up in a 1997 dodge pick-up truck with all the paint peeled off the hood. They got much more attentive after they'd run a credit check.
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