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Date: 2008-10-04 09:16 pm (UTC)
Having just recently discovered the “andoneforall” LJ for Musketeer fic, I have been reading though some of the older entries. I know you have moved on in your fic writing, but I still wanted to express my enjoyment of some of your pieces. It is always fun to get feedback on an older story, don’t you think? “Concerning Cardinalists and Seawalls” is an exciting swashbuckling adventure written in the style of Dumas himself, and although, as such, keeps the reader at a certain emotional distance (less engagement with characters’ internal motivations and feelings) I appreciated it as a well written, enchanting piece. The “Canadian Shack” story is more emotionally engaging for me. Such a delightful little ditty which allows for a glimpse of the intensity of Porthos attachment to Aramis. Thank you for that. I find their relationship is often overshadowed by the dynamics of the others in much of the Musketeer fanfic available on the net. I also note you have written in other fandoms I enjoy, such as Tombstone and Pirates of the Caribbean. Your Tombstone work, though generally short, deals with my favorite relationship in the film, the complex friendship between Wyatt and Doc Holliday. Any chance of ever completing “Gunslinger”? It shows great promise! I haven’t read the POC fic yet, as I am not currently “into” that fandom. I will save those till another time.

If for any reason you feel compelled to check out a fellow writer’s work, I have a couple Musketeer pieces as well, and a single Tombstone story up at my personal Live Journal. Feel free to drop by and peruse what is available.

Stories Ahead (

Thank you for the sharing your creativity with all of us. I received great enjoyment from reading your work.

Fee Folay

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