Dear Transformers fic writers: an F-15 is substantially larger than most motor vehicles that aren't tractor trailers or tanks. So is an F-22. Think about your life, uke!Starscream-is-tormented-by-brutal-autobots writers. Think about your choices. Think about the fact that F-15s don't have "chassis," they have fuselages. And that unless the Seekers all turn into different classes/models, they are all the same size and Screamer is not the smallest..

Yes, I've been sucked into giant alien robot fic. And, of course, I'm that fangirl. The one who's all over Seekers and ships MxSS. I CAN'T HELP IT, OKAY. I was brainwashed into a love of fighter planes as a small child, when I slept with a Blue Angels plushie.


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