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2020-07-04 03:17 pm
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Big Damn List o' Fic

Elspethdixon's Big Damn Fanfic List

Being an index to every piece of extant-on-the-web fic by Elspethdixon since her freshman year of college, including the clichéd badfic, the abandoned WiPs, the one that turned up on McTabby’s Summary Executions, and the one with the word “orbs” in it. From Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean, and beyond. Hopefully, the quality improves as ones moves down the page.

Big Damn List )

Forward-dated to go at the top of my journal. Warnings are present in the headers on all multichapter fics. Warnings for ficlets will be provided upon request. All multichapter fics contain some degree of hurt/comfort.
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2017-08-16 04:53 pm
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I only wish I needed to cut for spoilers

Happy Wednesday!

Instead of writing about the actual Nazi-themed comics Marvel is currently putting out, I’m going to summarize/review the imaginary Captain America and/or Avengers-centric titles I wish existed.

So, this week is the second issue of The Falcon and Captain America, which debuted back in July and which so far seems to be about Sam and Redwing going on a cross-country roadtrip with their sidekick Bucky!Cap, supposedly so Sam can re-introduce Bucky to modern/twenty-first century America. The first issue ended with them driving off into the sunrise/sunset together to start their roadtrip. This one opens with them in costume together in a diner somewhere along the NJ Turnpike debating their route (Sam has a bunch of old-school road atlases, Bucky accuses him of having spent too much time with Steve) while a douchey-looking guy with a pro-Trump hat makes some comment to his buddies about how nice it is to see “the real” Captain America back. Bucky makes a comment to him on the way out about how “the real” Captain America would probably have stopped to teach him a lesson and he’s lucky Bucky’s only the understudy and he and Sam get into their little red hybrid and drive away. Then they fight Overdrive, who’s created a giant traffic jam by altering everyone’s cars into goofy-looking nonfunctional models to protest overconsumption of fossil fuel (power-creep alert – he apparently has “turbo-nanites” now that allow him to affect multiple vehicles at once now). Sam and Bucky eventually talk him down* and convince him that there are better ways to fight global warming than through traffic accidents and maaaybe this was a poor way to go about trying to turn himself into a good guy. It ends with them getting back in the Falcon-mobile and continue on their way. There was a brief flashback during the diner scene to Steve angsting at Bucky before they left (about having been brainwashed into thinking he was HYDRA, so now he knows how terrible Bucky must feel about having been The Winter Soldier), but hopefully that’s not going to be a major theme and we’ll mostly stick with Epic Roadtrip Adventures from here on out.

*This is when you find out that Sam’s car is a hybrid.

Next Week:
X-Women #3 (I still think this is a stupidly gimmicky title given that there have been multiple all-female X-men line-ups before and all of those runs had normal X-book titles, and that they should just make it X-Men: Red or something to go with the new Gold and Blue X-books, but it has Jubilee and X-23 in it, so I'm continuing to give it a chance)
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2017-08-08 01:21 am
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Look! It’s an untitled Steve/Tony WWII AU

Well, the first scene of one, anyway. There are about 35,000 more words where this came from, but no title.* Our working title of "Captain America & Iron Man vs. the Nazi Mummies" had to be discarded, because there are no mummies nor indeed anything remotely resembling mummies anywhere in the fic.Click for Iron Man rescuing people during the Blitz and gratuitous WWII aircraft fangirling )

*Title needed. Beta probably also needed.
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2017-06-29 02:23 pm

PSA/Housekeeping Note

As part of my attempt to resume using DW regularly, I'm going to be crossposting all the posts I've made to tumblr over the past year or so to this journal (only the handful with original content, not the reblogs). I'll be back-dating them, so they shouldn't be spamming anyone's friends/reading page.

From this point on, I will not be cross-posting anything to livejournal. For various reasons involving immediate family members and their choices of career, it's probably not the best idea for me to continue using LJ now that the servers are located in Russia. I already have all the posts I've made on LJ since 2003 backed up on Dreamwidth, and I will probably delete all the posts on my personal LJ soon and leave a placeholder post with a link to DW. I'm reluctant to actually delete my entire LJ account lest it take my cap_ironman and ship_manifesto posts and other posts and comments I've made in discussion comms with it, but from now on I won't be using actively using it anymore.

Not that anyone who still has me friended on LJ is likely to notice, considering how much of a lurker I've been for the past few years ^_~.
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2017-06-29 02:08 pm


So... I haven't posted here in about, oh, nine months. I could theoretically have had a child in the meantime, if I were able to reproduce via parthenogenesis or if Seanchai and I were living in an A/B/O verse. (I haven't, of course).

My attempts to transition to tumblr over the past year or so have pretty much failed, and while Imzy actually seemed to be working out pretty well for cap_ironman fans, that's gone belly up now, so I'm back here.

Time to start using this account again. Back a decade or so ago, I used to treat LJ/DW as an actual journal. I should start trying to do so again. New goal: post something either in this journal or on a comm at least once a week.
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2017-06-06 01:57 am

(no subject)

Question for the (616-fan) masses:

When a bullet/knife/rock/other weapon hits Steve’s shield (or any other vibranium object), what does it sound like? Does vibranium vibrate with a pure musical note like a tuning fork? Does it make a weirdly muffled, dead/flat “clunk” sound because all the energy of the impact is retained by the deflected bullet and none is transferred to the shield which therefore barely vibrates? Does Wakandan vibranium do one and Antartic vibranium the other? The traditional “shield hits something” impact sound in Gold/Silver Age comics is “CLANG” except for that one memorable panel when it was “WANK”, but what kind of/how musical a clang?

Obviously Tony can recognize the distinctive sound of a bullet hitting vibranium, but what *is* that sound?

I can’t believe that after a full decade’s worth of writing Steve/Tony fic, this vital question is only occurring to me now…
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2017-02-16 11:55 am
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You can tell it's a good Iron Man comic if...

"You can tell it's a good Iron Man comic if Tony is naked and crying, possibly in the rain, because he thinks none of his friends love him." - Sineala

Other Signs of a good Iron Man comic )
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2016-12-19 09:41 pm
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(no subject)

Hang the Fool is finished now! On the one hand, joy! I have like three-four new chapters to read! On the other hand, woe! What fanfic am I going to stalk for updates and obsess about now?

I mean, other than all those other WiPs I’m following?

#so they barely interact in canon #see if I care #you will pry my Kurosawa/Sergio Leone-character-archetype-based shipper feels from my cold dead hands
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2016-10-20 03:02 pm

(no subject)

Going to check my public library's new ebooks this week was a sad adventure in disappointment. So many new books, almost all of them terrible.

Somehow, I forget every year that mid-October is when Harlequin's holiday glurge season begins. It'll be nothing but secret/surprise babies and Hallmark Special-esque Christmas-themed books from now until New Years.

When will you acquire the middle three books in the Sano Ichirou series that I requested months ago, public library? Or the Carol Berg fantasy novels, or Ian Rutledge series audiobooks, or the nonfiction about ancient Carthage? I grow impatient. (You were so good about adding all those WWI airship books and social/economic studies of Imperial Germany to your collection when I asked about them that now my expectations are probably unrealistically high).
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2016-09-28 06:12 pm
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Back in NYC

Back from California. The SETP presentation is now over and done with. I have now co-presented a presentation on the X-2 program and the history of the Iven Kinchloe award to an audience of 500-some of my father’s professional colleagues.

I didn’t present nearly as well as the journalist who just wrote a book about the XPRIZE and private/commercial space flight, but I did talk more about actual facts/events and a lot less about feels. (Her presentation was at least 60% feels by volume, which is probably not the feels-to-data ratio a professional organization composed largely of engineers, pilots, and ex-military guys is looking for).

I now have a little metal propeller souvenir to put on my desk. It spins. Ask me about mid-century experimental rocket planes.
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2016-03-31 03:57 pm
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So, I haven't done too well on my New Year's Resolution to start interacting in fannish spaces again. But I have an excuse!

Behold my excuse:

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2016-01-13 10:35 am

Snowflake challenge, day 3

Slowly catching up...

Day 03: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

I haven't really created much in the way of fanworks over the past year - most of it's been spent working on unposted original stuff - so I'm going to link my list from the last time I did something like this.

Three fanwork recs from 2015's snowflake challenge.

And also offer six pieces of pseudo-fanart created this year on Doll Divine, the internet's answer for people like me who have zero artistic ability but want to create images of our OCs and genderflipped versions of canon characters anyway. I guess you could say they "define me as a creator" because five of them involve shipping (definitely a linchpin part of my fannishness given how hard I OTP) and one is a joke I made entirely because Seanchai told me to ("because it was Seanchai's idea" also being the source of a number of collaborative fics).

Hank and Jan!
Cassie & Kang!
Karolina & Xavin!
Rule!63 Steve & Tony
The greatest Metal Gear ship of all! (according to Seanchai, anyway)
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only shipping!
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2016-01-12 04:38 pm

Snowflake challenge, day 2

More out-of-order Snowflake spam.

Day 2: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Most of what I want out of fandom is impossible to ask for - for people to write tons of my narrative kinks and preferred ships instead of shipping things I dislike, for fandom to stop writing whump and h/c about their favorite woobies and start writing it about my favorite woobies instead, for fandom to latch on to the canons/portions of canon I like instead of the ones I loathe, for that one really good Dragon Age artist I follow on tumblr to stop being so relentlessly heteronormative in her shipping preferences, for people on my tumblr dash to stop changing their names repeatedly, for historical and SF/F fandoms to stop writing so many modern/coffeeshop/mundane/college AUs and start writing more actually-set-in-canon fics, for tumblr to bring back the goddamn reply feature, for tumblr to vanish from the face of the internet and fandom at large to return en mass to a platform that allows threaded comments...

Actual concrete things are harder to come up with. Um, let's see...

Give me a pony! )
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2016-01-12 03:52 pm

Snowflake challenge, day 1

Only 11 days late! I thought briefly about backdating this to January first so the posts would all line up nice and need, but then decided to just go ahead and do the daily challenges out of order as I complete them.

Day 01: In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges?

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2015-09-23 04:28 pm

(no subject)

*sighs* Seeing as it's been nearly a year since it first got screwed up, I suppose I need to finally accept that my osteo-arthritis/worn-away-cartilage knee isn't going to get any better and running is off the table for pretty much the rest of forever. 32 is supposed to be too young to have these kinds of knee problems - I only did 15 years worth of running, and not even serious running at that, rarely more than 3 miles/5k at a time, and usually at only about 6mph. (I probably shouldn't complain - seanchai's ankle has been screwed up for her entire life, and my sister can't eat anything with gluten or dairy in it, so I got off lightly when it comes to health issues)
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2015-01-02 05:22 pm

Snowflake Challenge - day 2

As per [community profile] snowflake_challenge:

Day 2

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Wah, wah, give me a pony )
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2015-01-01 07:59 pm

Snowflake Challenge - day 1

As per [community profile] snowflake_challenge:

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Click to behold me committing the ultimate fannish sin )
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2014-10-24 02:38 pm

(no subject)

So, I finally found out what the hell's been wrong with my knee. Apparently, when it first stared hurting (at the back of the knee)back in late September, that was because I'd strained my ACL. Then, when the pain shifted after about a week to the top and outside of my knee, it was because the weak ACL combined with the way I was sitting with my knees bent and feet tucked under me at work (because my desk is badly designed and has no space under it for my legs) pushed my kneecap out of alignment.

Apparently it's a common runner's injury and they can fix it with therapy/exercises. Joy. (But I do get bright blue tape around my knee to prove to my employers that I totally had a reason for that doctor's appointment - not that it's stopped anybody from sending me out to run errands/sending me running up and down the stairs at work repeatedly, but the sprained ankle I had a couple years ago didn't either)