the pub dogs of Britain

Seven years ago, a chance encounter with a bull terrier wearing a scarlet neckerchief in a pub gave London-based film-maker Abbie Lucas and journalist Paul Fleckney an idea. For their new book, Great British Pub Dogs, the pair travelled the country to document the biggest, smallest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, most-endearing resident dogs (and one pig) of around 70 UK pubs . They met old dogs and young dogs, horse-sized dogs and pint-sized dogs. One pub had three Jack Russells, another had four red setters. Many had been rescued, and given a fresh start in a loving home. One was blind in one eye, another had only three legs. The pub dogs were named after Italian footballers, French philosophers, Coronation Street stars and the Hungarian credit crunch. "Most pubs aspire to be a home from home and having a dog does that almost singlehandedly. They seem to bring people together. So many publicans said how the dog seems to make people friendlier and less likely to misbehave", they told the Guardian. Here are some of the bar's best friends. For more pub stories, "Great British Pub Dogs" on Amazon.  

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a sad story of smiley the dog passing away

Smiley was more than just a dog. The adorable and happy golden retriever has a remarkable story. Born without eyes, many believed that his life will be full of hardships and pain. But, that was not the case. Smiley had a permanent grin on his face. A smile that can turn anyones bad day upside down and out the door. Because when you saw him, you couldn't help but smiled back too. 

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