More out-of-order Snowflake spam.

Day 2: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Most of what I want out of fandom is impossible to ask for - for people to write tons of my narrative kinks and preferred ships instead of shipping things I dislike, for fandom to stop writing whump and h/c about their favorite woobies and start writing it about my favorite woobies instead, for fandom to latch on to the canons/portions of canon I like instead of the ones I loathe, for that one really good Dragon Age artist I follow on tumblr to stop being so relentlessly heteronormative in her shipping preferences, for people on my tumblr dash to stop changing their names repeatedly, for historical and SF/F fandoms to stop writing so many modern/coffeeshop/mundane/college AUs and start writing more actually-set-in-canon fics, for tumblr to bring back the goddamn reply feature, for tumblr to vanish from the face of the internet and fandom at large to return en mass to a platform that allows threaded comments...

Actual concrete things are harder to come up with. Um, let's see...

1) Long, canon-era casefile-style/plotty h/c fic for BBC Musketeers that's either actively Porthos/Aramis or genfic written by someone who also writes/reads/ships Porthos/Aramis. Gen Musketeers h/c tends hard towards d'Artgagnan whump and creepy authors who put "not slash" in their tags/summaries. The first is okay but nowhere near as good as whumping one of the Inseparables, and the second is grounds for using add block to screen an author's entire AO3 output from my browser.

2) FMA hurt/comfort fic with Roy Mustang as the hurt one. Woobie!Roy continues to be rare, and I continue to not understand why. I'm desperate enough that I'd even be willing to read *shudder* Royai fic provided the Roy/Riza is a secondary element.

3) Fanart for anything seanchai or I have written.

4) Help serial-scrubbing a long anime-fandom AU fic that seanchai and I are in the process of turning into an original fic. We've done a great deal of elaborate worldbuilding (the setting and premise are completely different from canon), changed a bunch of minor characters' genders/backstories/personalities, and have both a complete plot outline and sketcky plans for an all-OC sequel worked out, but after years of writing serially-posted fanfic, I'm worried both that we're lacking in the backstory-revealing department (do we do an adequate job of explaining who the characters are and what their relationships to one another are or do characters just appear from nowhere because in fanfic they'd need no introduction) and, even more, in the pacing department. A novel is paced differently from a serialized fic, and I feel like our story needs to move more slowly and give more fleshed out detail, but I'm not sure where and how.
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From: [personal profile] lotesse

None of these are channy at all, imo - it's not my usual cuppa, except for when I'm plundering it for obedience!kink I'm not getting elsewhere.

I am so with you on Roy/Riza. I love them as work partners, I don't ever want to think about them having sex/being in a relationship with each other. Brotherhood made it worse for me, adding in the element that she's been scarred by him (at her own request); there's no way that could be handled in a sex scene that wouldn't bother me, I don't think.


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