young woman in a military flight suit posing with a live falcon perched on one wrist

My sister cosplays the lovechild of Carol Danvers and Sam Wilson.

(She's much prettier than me, btw. She's also 5'11", only a few inches shorter than Sam, so that bird really is about Redwing-sized.)

From: [personal profile] eruiel

Is your sister a falconer then?! Your family is all kinds of awesome.

From: [personal profile] eruiel

You could have fooled me. She seemed so comfortable that I was sure it was from past experience. And you raised my respect for the Air Force. I'm obliged to like organizations that preserve historic arts.

I don't blame your sister in the least. Emu terrify me. The Busch Gardens in Florida decided it was an excellent idea to house emu next to the kangaroos and wallabies. Every time I went to pet the marsupials I was sure one of those birds was going to eat a tiny human. Your sister might like them though if dinnosaur birds are her thing.


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