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( Sep. 28th, 2014 12:11 am)
Things I learned today:

1) Our cat finds nature documentary footage of marmots to be nigh-hypnotic. So hypnotic that we went in and out of the kitchen and opened the refrigerator several times while the marmot footage played and yet he never took his gaze from the screen. He even hopped down from his tv-watching perch on top of the scratching post and moved several feet closer to the television so he could stare at them from a closer perspective.

2) There is an actual, real honest-to-god-there-are-even-trailers-for-it movie by the Wachowskis coming out wherein Charming Potato Channing Tatum plays a wolf-hybrid and Sean Bean plays a tragic human/bee hybrid. A TRAGIC BEE HYBRID. (Maybe what makes him tragic is the fact that he's doomed to spend his entire life doing nothing but sexually servicing his queen and will never know the joy of pollinating flowers?)


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