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( Mar. 19th, 2014 09:17 pm)
Apparently, the shocking character death on Teen Wolf did not involve Stiles dying tragically after making out with and declaring his eternal love for Derek Hale.

This saddens me, because that would have been the most epic one-two punch of brilliant, brilliant wank fodder imaginable. The fall-out from the actual episode won't be nearly as much fun to read about in f-fa threads.

Just imagine it - Stiles expiring super-dramatically in Derek's arms, immediately after their dramatic kiss, much like in the movie Camille. Stiles would cough blood on Derek's face (an aesthetically pleasing little splatter that highlighted Hoechlin's cheekbone) before suddenly slumping over dead in Derek's embrace, and Derek would fall to his knees, still holding Stiles's body, and yell "Nooooo!" The scene would be shot from overhead, and it would be raining.

Scott fans would have to decide whether they were pleased that Stiles was no longer around to steal Scott's screen time, or angry that Sterek was canon. Sterek fans would have to decide whether they were pleased that Sterek was canon, or angry that Stiles was dead. Fans would tweet O'Brien's mother offering sympathy. Very Angry Scott Fans would write long blog posts full of grudgewank which would then inexplicably be linked on metanews.

It could have been beautiful.


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