I'm halfway through an otherwise interesting novel about an organized crime family that's about half interpersonal drama and half fighting-off-an-attempted-take-over gang warfare, and getting increasingly annoyed at how much repetitive het sex I have to skim over.

I swear to god, every twenty pages people are having raunchy PiV sex and It's. So. Pointless. And. Boring. Dear author: please go back to people backstabbing one another over shipments of heroin and lying to their siblings/spouses over dark family secrets. I care far, far more about the fact that the crime boss's son is plotting to overthrow his father than I do about said son banging sexy call girls in gratuitous detail. The one couple whose marriage is falling apart's sex scenes actually serve a purpose in the narrative. The call girls are just there so you can rack up more unnecessary porn content.

(Fanfic: not the only genre full of unnecessary sex scenes.)


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