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( Feb. 3rd, 2014 03:35 pm)
f_fa is talking about the Black Jewels series again.

Watching people who have no prior experience with the OMGWTFBBQ that is those books get introduced to them is one of the recurring pleasures of fandom.

(Someone on the meme described Anne Bishop's aesthetic as "Lisa Frank sex dungeon." I am never going to stop laughing)

Why are there zillions of A/B/O AUs and yet no Black Jewels AUs?* There are so many elements of Bishop's cracked-out worldbuilding that would be either amazing or hilarious when applied to various canons. X-Men Black Jewels AUs where Phoenix=Witch and the various male X-Men are all Jean's harem first circle. Skyfall fandom AUs where MI6 are all female!M's court and Q is a young prince who's a natural black widow (OMG the only male one ever other than Damon Sadi, he's so special!) who gets drawn into a forbidden relationship with a Warlord Prince of Queen M's first circle. Etc. Etc.

*Other than that one SGA Weir/Ronon one I read once.


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