The name "valentine's day" can bring to mind but one thing - mafia violence.

Is anyone up for a (light-hearted) mob-themed movie night on the weekend of February 14th-16th?

Possible movie choices:
The Sting
Some Like it Hot
Dick Tracy
Harlem Nights
Oscar (obscure comedy of errors mob movie I swear is hilarious)
Kung Fu Hustle (okay, technically not the mafia, but still organized crime)
Bandits (okay, so they're bank robbers, not the mob, but who wants to be picky when there's a canonical threesome?)
The Man With the Iron Fists (not so much an organized crime film as a "WTF did I just watch I think it had kung fu street gangs in it but I can't see past the amazing Dragonball Z hairstyles long enough to tell?" film)

Or we could always can all those options and just watch that movie where Jet Li is a feral living weapon who's kept on a leash by his yakuza 'owner' that I still can't really believe is actually real.


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