Holy shit, I think I have a new het OTP.

I was thrilled enough by the existence of Tavros and Vriska's cyborg bits. Noir mobsters with cyborg bits + lots of knives + masochistic hate sex with other noir mobsters = why was this not already in my life?

Also Snowman's dress is sparkly like Jessica Rabbit's.

There will come a day when I will ship a het pairing (other than Peter/MJ) that is not fucked up. This is not that day.

(I thought I'd be more bothered by the fact that everyone in Homestuck is always dying horribly, but Marvel seems to have inured me to that, because no matter what happens and how awful or confusing or random and WTF it is, it still will never be written by Matt Fraction. And it still will never be quite as mindfuck-y as the end of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles/xxxHolic and will probably never be quite as stupid as The Crossing. I continue to wish the art didn't have so many strobe/flashing/flickering effects, though.
Today is my sister's birthday. It's also the superbowl.

And she has a flight at 5:00am tomorrow morning, which means that starting at 5pm this afternoon, she's not allowed to drink (military rules = no drinking in the 12 hours before a flight).


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