Okay, an apartment, and the bank technically owns 1/3rd of it at this point, but still, we bought it and it's ours! We finally closed this Tuesday, and now we never have to fax yet another last minute financial document to the World's Most Incompetent Mortgage Broker again!

I've spent every evening this week scrubbing floors and walls to get it ready to repaint this weekend. It has a real bedroom, and a living room, and a kitchen with a gas stove! And the building has a laundry room!

Now we just need to paint, move, and either find someone to take over our lease on the rented attic-of-a-brownstone one-room apartment or find some way to escape the lease. I haven't posted very much about the whole process because "gah, our mortgage broker has rescheduled the closing three times because he can't get his shit together" is a) boring and b) a very middle-class sort of problem, but if you were wondering why I'd disappeared off the face of the internet again for the past two months (sorry, anyone waiting for updates on Reassembled) this is why. It's basically taken over our lives for the past month. And now we've closed and it's finally ours ^_^.

Also, the documentary on the original deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs that we're watching has a re-enactment of Jean-Fran├žois Champollion and Ippolito Rosellini's journey through Egypt in that's unexpectedly slashy and hurt/comfort-laden. Champollion just finished swooning into Rosellini's arms, while the actor playing Rosellini stared down at him with epic woobie-face. Thank you, BBC. Now I ship them.


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