photos of Japanese grandmother and her cat

17 years ago, photographer Miyoko Ihara has started to take photographs of her grandmother, Misao. Miyoko wanted to leave a living proof of her. One day, her grandmother found an odd-eyed kitten in the shed. She named the cat "Fukumaru" in hope that "God of fuku (good fortune) comes and everything will be smoothed over like maru (circle)". Even though she is 91 years old, she still go out into the fields every day and Fukumaru always accompany her. The grandmother whose hearing become weak and Fukumaru who has hearing disabilities are always looking into each other's eyes and feeling warmth each other.
Seeing that the strong bond and love between the two shines out of every photo, Miyoko published a hard cover portrait album, called "Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat". Check out the pictures below and feel the rush of good emotions!

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a photo of the rally cat - cover for a story about the rally cat that ran in the middle of the field

Remember that story we did, about the rally cat that ran into the middle of a major league baseball game? Well here is the latest update on what is happening. And yes, the cutie Rally Cat had been captured, and taken to a rescue shelter and has received medical attention that was need.

Now, there is a whole new issue... a full-on custody battle! There's a dispute between the shelter that found and rescued the cat from the streets and the team that won a game after the little guy made a surprising appearance on the field. (Good Luck?)

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a picture of two cats that might be working for the british parliament soon - cover for a story on how two cats are perfect for hunting mice

The Battersea Dogs and Cats home has been pushing for Parliament to get a cat to sort out its rampant mouse problem since 2014, and they think they have found the two perfect participants.

The charity approached the House of Commons to suggest taking on one of their mousers (Peggy or Simba) in early 2014. I was revealed that the cost of pest control for Parliament during the 2012/13 financial year was estimated to be £73,552. Now in 2017, this cost has ballooned to £130,000 a year! People have been pleading for a cat after mice swarm through offices and cause havoc in the tea room. Luckily, Battersea has picked out two cats who would be perfect for Parliament.

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You may have heard the expression that dogs 'see with their noses.' But these creature's amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. This great illustrates how the dog's nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can't be seen at all. 

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