Hang the Fool is finished now! On the one hand, joy! I have like three-four new chapters to read! On the other hand, woe! What fanfic am I going to stalk for updates and obsess about now?

I mean, other than all those other WiPs I’m following?

#so they barely interact in canon #see if I care #you will pry my Kurosawa/Sergio Leone-character-archetype-based shipper feels from my cold dead hands
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I sure hope you have email comments turned on since I went back to find the post that is relevant to this comment.....

So I know the kind of fics you like are also the kinds of fic I like so despite not playing Overwatch ever in my life I went and looked at the fic you mentioned (it was pretty good!). Today I opened facebook and saw two of my acquaintance who do play Overwatch have done a big McHanzo cosplay photoshoot. Not too many photos released yet since it was just over the weekend but it thought you might be interested to see them :)

here's the first one. :3

edit: I found two more.
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