Question for the (616-fan) masses:

When a bullet/knife/rock/other weapon hits Steve’s shield (or any other vibranium object), what does it sound like? Does vibranium vibrate with a pure musical note like a tuning fork? Does it make a weirdly muffled, dead/flat “clunk” sound because all the energy of the impact is retained by the deflected bullet and none is transferred to the shield which therefore barely vibrates? Does Wakandan vibranium do one and Antartic vibranium the other? The traditional “shield hits something” impact sound in Gold/Silver Age comics is “CLANG” except for that one memorable panel when it was “WANK”, but what kind of/how musical a clang?

Obviously Tony can recognize the distinctive sound of a bullet hitting vibranium, but what *is* that sound?

I can’t believe that after a full decade’s worth of writing Steve/Tony fic, this vital question is only occurring to me now…
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I think, given that it's comics canon, the sound can be whatever you want it to be.

Personally, I think it would be hilarious if it made tinkly musical sounds like a steel drum, so that Steve would always be doing battle with a funky Caribbean-flavored soundtrack.
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I think, given that it's comics canon, the sound can be whatever you want it to be.

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Personally I prefer the musical sound theory, though I think not having any sound makes more sense, since the shield completely absorbs energy and cannot produce sound vibrations.
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I think because it's pure mystical vibranium, it should have a different note for everything that hits it. Not a loud note (unless you hit it with, say, Mjolnir) but a definite vibrating tone for different substances. But I think it makes a dull clang hitting concrete, and it's probably not that musical hitting a person, either.
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I have no opinion. I'm just here to use my wank icon.


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