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( Sep. 10th, 2013 04:03 pm)
So, my sister was recently diagnosed with a GI condition that involves bleeding ulcers*, and until said ulcers heal, she has to eat a severely restricted diet of super-bland food.

This past weekend, she was at a sports-watching party of some kind (football, maybe? It wasn't related to the playoffs, because she doesn't watch baseball) and went into the kitchen to make her plain oatmeal that she'd brought with her. One of the other guests at the party saw her and she asked my sister what she was eating.

My sister: Oatmeal. I have this stomach condition with ulcers and stuff, and this is practically the only thing I can eat right now, until they heal.
Other guest: Oh my god, you're so lucky! You're going to lose so much weight!
My sister: *dead silence as she tries to think of a response that doesn't involve profanity*

(My suggestion for next time this happens is that she respond with, "Thanks, but I'd rather be fat and able to eat whatever I want without vomiting blood.")

*Luckily, she's in the military and therefore has access to reliable and affordable health care.


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